What is Blu Voucher?

Blu Voucher is a secure prepaid voucher that can be used to pay for products and services at any of our participating redemption partners.

How does Blu Voucher work?

You will purchase a Blu Voucher at any of our participating merchants, and you will then redeem the voucher on your selected redemption partner’s mobile app or website to top up your account.

How do I redeem my Blu Voucher?

Your Blu Voucher is easily redeemed. All you need to do is login to the redemption partner’s website or mobile app that you would like to use your voucher for. You will then insert the 16-digit PIN found on the voucher. The top-up / payment is made to the full value of the voucher, and is instantly credited on redemption.

Where can I use the Blu Voucher?

You can use the voucher to pay for products and services at any of our redemption partners within South Africa.

What should I do if my Blu Voucher redemption is declined?

  • Make sure there are enough funds on your voucher before trying to redeem your voucher with any of the service providers
  • If you still cannot use your voucher, call the service provider to validate that they are not having any problems with their system
  • If the service provider feels it is necessary, they will contact Blue Label Distribution to log a call to have your issue sorted out and the service provider will get back to you with a solution

Can I purchase for or give the Blu Voucher to anybody else?

Yes, you can purchase the voucher for somebody else or give the voucher to any person who has use for the voucher.

Who can use the Blu Voucher?

Any person can use the voucher, as long as they have access to the voucher pin. Securing of the voucher is your responsibility.

How long is my Blu Voucher valid for?

The voucher is valid for 36 months from the date of purchase, and will expire after that.

Can I check the balance, the expiry date and the transaction information of my Blu Voucher?

You will find the expiry date and the value of your Blu Voucher on the specific voucher that you have been issued with.

How can I use my Blu Voucher to redeem an item that costs more than the balance on my voucher?

If the service provider allows multiple payment methods on their platform, you can use another form of payment for the balance of the cost of the item.

Can I reload the voucher additional money?

No, the voucher is not reloadable.

What can I do if my voucher is lost, stolen or has been used without my authorization?

You can call our Call Centre on 0800 014 942 and we can cancel the voucher on your behalf to prevent any unauthorized use, as long as the voucher has not yet been redeemed.

How can I report a disputed transaction or an error on my voucher?

If you dispute a voucher redemption transaction, you can contact the service provider that provided the goods or services.

Are there fees associated with the Blu Voucher?

No, there are no fees applicable to the voucher.

How long can I use my Blu Voucher for?

You can use your voucher until the expiry date on your voucher or until the value of your voucher has been depleted. Any redemptions requested after the voucher expiry date will be declined.

What happens if there is a remaining balance after the Blu Voucher expires?

After the expiry date, any balances will no longer be valid and all transactions will be declined.

How can I cancel my Blu Voucher?

To cancel a voucher you can call the call centre on 0800 014 942 and instruct them to cancel the voucher, in the event of a lost or stolen voucher. There are no refunds on cancelled vouchers. (Please refer to the terms and conditions)

What should I do with my Blu Voucher once the value is depleted?

We suggest you keep your voucher, even after the balance is depleted, in case you need to query something with your service provider.

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